Sark Paintings

Kenneth took his second family, Margaret, Jennie and Caroline to Sark when the petrol crisis hit in 1955. There are no cars on Sark, and Kenneth felt it was an excellent venue for a holiday. Of course as an artist it was a stimulating visually, and he was hardly without a sketch book or canvass. Suddenly he was free to sit on the beach and sketch to his hearts content, he was in heaven. He loved to swim, and the beaches afforded great sport. He climbed up to the top of cliffs and painted wonderful landscapes. He picked on clouds one day and rocks the next. His paintings of the coastline and the islands are superb. One painting I found in the attic he had cut out of the canvas and put into the large art folder. I pulled it out many years after his death and still to this day think it is one of his finer paintings, ‘Havre Gosselin at sunset’. I also discovered a sketch of Dixcart Bay and that too is a small masterpiece. The pounding waves are perfect.

There are many many sketches and all are included. They show a seeking mind, a skilled hand and a great love of form, shadow, distance and above all beauty. He found Sark sublime.