Kenneth spent his life drawing. His skill with the pen was well known at Whitgift School where he won many prizes for art. it was clear that he should go into an atelier and he chose to join Walter Sickert the famous British painter. We sadly have very little of the work he completed in those early years. After the war he married and took up interior design and was constantly drawing. Once again there are only a few of those 1920’s drawings left. When war was declared in 1940, for the second time in his life he joined up again  with the Royal Engineers and when peace was declared he took up exterior design becoming an architect.

Drawing was his central activity. Later when he remarried he often drew his family. The quality of his work continued to improve especially after a period at St Martins Art School. His extensive work on the nude and on portraiture improved the quality and scope of his brush and pencil work, and certainly before he died there were many drawings and portraits he was particularly happy with. His favoured landscape work was without any doubt his best work and his ability to shift perspective to his own artistic ends is worth a mention.