A video shown at the exhibition.

What people said about the exhibition

It was amazing to see all the pictures, but in particular I loved to read about his military history and see all the artefacts you have collected. Shelia

How lovely to have a celebration which isn’t about death, religion, law or self-agrandisment- just a joyful function. Becca

A day to remember, thanks a million. Colin

We enjoyed seeing the inside of ‘The Cedars’ and being part of the day. Don & Caroline.

Also having the opportunity to visit ‘The Cedars’ with its distant memories. Seeing more of Uncle Kenneth’s paintings and drawings was also a treat. It is a beautifully curated exhibition. Deborah

I hope many people will go to the museum and see your Pa’s work and appreciate how beautifully it has all been put together. Sarah

It was fascinating and your father’s work looked really good. What a pity he wasn’t better recognised in his life-time. Your commentary bought it all to life and I loved all the caroline-isms in the catalogue. Diana, paper conservator.

The exhibition is beautifully put together – and to have it in your family home is very special. Nicola

What a wonderful exhibition you put together. …. A magnificent effort displaying your father’s beautiful art works. They are really are stunning and such a variety of styles. Country, cityscapes, fine detail, light. His pictures really speak. He was an incredibly talented man who would have been so proud to see his daughter create a wonderful memorial to his name and have it displayed in the place he loved. Elaine.

What a fantastic exhibition of your father’s lovely paintings, well done! All the paintings deserve the spot light and the watercolour of the chateau is a real masterpiece. Louise.

A wonderful exhibition. W Wilkie

What diverse skills, H Webster.

Wonderful exhibtion, information clear and a vast amount of it. Emma

A fastastic tribute to Uncle Ken. Nicky.K.

A very talented artist…. John K

What a show and lovely to see this talent out in the open. Eleanor A.

So pleased to be here to see all these lovely paintings all together. Ian P.

Extraordinary talent wonderful variation of light and detail. March C.

What an exhibition, poignant that is was in your old bedroom. Dian W.

Lovely to see the farm in colour back as it would have been, Angie S.

So glad to have seen these paintings up close. Louise P.

What a delight very enjoyable exhibition, see the light in Kenneth’s work. Miep M.

What a talented man, Jerri M.