Still Life

Capturing a still life is one of the great challenges of art. It has always been considered an important genre and It was a genre that Kenneth clearly loved. He delighted in taking a large plate, some fruit, flowers or especially his adored Chelsea Shepherdess, and creating a balance and enchanting study. Capturing light and creating an interesting and balanced picture, that reflected his world was a continual challenge to him.

He did glass prints, painting straight onto the glass in reverse. The only printmaking he did. He loved to mix china and flowers, completing a large flower painting for his Grandfather, Charles Burt circa 1910. The inclusion of a small green Buddha is very typical of his work and I have been told that he took the flowers from seed catalogues. I gather the mix of flowers would have been unlikely as they all flower at different times. In those days flowers came from the garden and not a supermarket. His paintings of dahlias is superb, loose and light with light on the leaves. One of the best still lifes is the blue plate, grapes and fragment. The subject matter of fruit china and antique is close to his heart, and the light and colour is delicate and balanced. I think it is one of his masterpieces.